Meyers 145: General Information

Our fellow Meyers 145 owner, Konrad Kundig told us about the Swift Aircraft Association's efforts to get MT Propeller's constant speed composite prop STC'd for Swift aircraft with the O-300 engine. If this occurs then Meyers 145 owners should be allowed to apply the STC to their aircraft as well.

Adding a constant speed prop to the Meyers 145 would definitely help these airplanes in high density altitude situations as well as potentially increase the cruise speeds.

Ken Koughlin is heading up the Swift Aircraft Association's efforts to get this STC approved. You can reach him at: 405-942-9441 for further information.


A Night in the Life of a Classic Meyers
Larry Krengel

The Meyers - N34364 – became a part of the Bob Haney family about the same time I did.  In the late 1960’s I married in and the Meyers was towed in…  from Roselle Airport where it had been mauled in a windstorm along with a half dozen other aircraft.
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Assorted Meyers 145 videos found on You Tube.


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The Meyers 145
Classic is as Classic Does

Text and photos by Budd Davisson

It was interesting to stand around the airport when the airplane was on final. "Gee, I don't know, it has a little Navion in it but it has a tail wheel and look at the width of the main gear!"
Every time Bob Evans showed up at our local airport, at least two individuals would ask what kind of an airplane he was flying. Bob would answer "A Meyers 145" and in answer to the blank look and the next question ~ . only about 20 were built!'

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